John Knight – Edinburgh

“I found your tutorial a real eye opener and 100 times as useful as the courses I have been on , including the 1 week xxxx course

Charles Howard –  Surrey

“I was absolutely thrilled with the content of the course and to be honest it has surpassed my expectations….you did not disappoint me on any levels ………as you know I have done another course which was not a patch on yours absolutely unequivocally not a patch”

Martin Knowles – Quatar

“Can’t complain I have pulled close to £42,000 out of them since we last spoke using mainly your ….xxxx…. method plus the ProT spreadsheet signal generator”

Ben Hughes – Fareham

“Hi Nigel, just to let you know I am doing great so far – not quite a millionaire yet ! but I am making small positive trades and building a steady income of around $500 daily with four or five small trades using the PDM method”

Ron Oliver – Colchester

“The course was very impressive and I would have no hesitation in recommending it”

Sam V – Surrey

“The course was a revelation, excellent value, and very honest”

George Lane – Grantham

“I have found the manual very clear and easy to understand, and all of my questions on the day were answered. I left having understood the information that had been taught to me”

Brendan Houseman – London

“Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed meeting you & the 1-2-1 session. The quality and content of the manual and DVDs is far better than most I have seen (& purchased !). I am convinced that as a result of you sharing your knowledge I am finally going to achieve my aim, of trading as a business – thank you. My only regret is that having originally contacted you 2 years ago, I waited and thought about it, in that time I am sure I have lost serious money and the cost of the course has increased !…still great value for money”

James Donaldson – Exmouth

“Thank you Nigel for a very enlightening and thought provoking day. I enjoyed our 1-2-1 and must congratulate you on how well the information was presented. Fantastic”

Greg  Talbot – London

“I have found the materials and your whole approach down-to-earth, honest, thorough, appropriate and encouraging. I’ve felt in safe and realistic hands and that was exactly what I was looking for”

Leo Lake – Uxbridge

“Since the course last week I am on 6 wins and 1 loss for live trades”

Simon  Vale – London

“Thank you for the time spent with me – its extremely rare to find a decent, honest Guy these days” “SV 30/04/10)

Bradley  Holmes – London

“You honestly came across as absolutely wanting to improve ones chances of becoming a successful retail trader and imparting your hard earned wisdom/experience on fresh ears with something you so clearly have a passion for”

Geoff Bail – Devon

“The training was really enjoyable and brought in a great deal of information of which I was previously not aware of. The manual and teaching is superb and I would have to try very hard to find any faults with it.”

Ben Waters – Kingston

“Overall without doubt I am 100% over the moon with the course you have provided” (BW 03/03/11)



Plus many many more on file