Learn Forex trading – why trade at all ?

Why would anybody want to  trade forex and futures ?

In  earlier article I listed five reasons why people might choose to trade Forex &  futures either part-time or full-time for a living. The list of good reasons is almost never-ending so I thought I would add to that list with a further five excellent reasons why trading can transform your finances  and greatly enhance the quality of life that you live.

1) You can trade well into your retirement years. If you are doing any sort of physical work it is highly unlikely that you would be capable of working past your retirement age.  Trading can be carried out  equally well by both young and old so you really can trade up until you are 90 if you wish. So long as you can sit at a computer screen for 15 minutes per day you can trade. In these times when we are all being forced to work longer and longer and pension payments are getting smaller and smaller  this is a great way of supplementing or indeed creating an income for your retirement years.

2) You have a real asset to leave to your children.  If you finally find a  route out of the nine to  five grind you can also pass that  knowledge on to your children. You will also have a learned a specific skill that again you can pass on to your children. This could be the most valuable inheritance that they could ever receive. Sure you are giving them a way to earn an income for the rest of their lives but much more importantly you are giving them the gift of freedom !  Something I am sure both you and I would have killed for at the age of 20 or 30.

3) You will finally be in control of your own life rather than at the beck and call of your employers or others. Psychologists will tell you that one of the most important contributors to longevity is to have an internal locus of control rather than an external locus of control. An internal locus of control is where you feel that you are  in control of your own life and destiny. whilst an external locus of control is where you feel that your life is being controlled by others. Trading allows you to the work the hours you choose doing what you want to do  and potentially make large sums of money which in turn will allow you to feel much more in control of your own life and future.

4) Trading finally provides  us all with the same level playing field. You are no longer at a disadvantage  because you did not go to the    right school or  do not have  a university degree or speak with the right accent.  None of that matters a jot in this business . All it takes to succeed is determination, persistence and discipline. Trading is truly the most equal of all the opportunities out there. Anyone who wants to become a trader can learn it from scratch and there are no entry qualifications required.

5) You may get really really rich !  Look let’s be honest not everybody will succeed in this business and of those that do not everybody will become really really rich………. But…………. The opportunity to do so is genuine and really exists. What are the chances that you could ever become really really rich in your current occupation ? The first rule of making money is to be where the money is being made and believe me a lot of money is being made in trading

Well that is another five great reasons why I believe everybody should consider trading forex and futures for  either a part-time or full-time income.  To be honest I could list another 50. I am now nearly 60 years old and the  two best opportunities I have come across in my life are  property and futures trading. Futures trading has the edge because you do not need such enormous sums of capital to get going in it. Just a few hundred dollars a laptop and an Internet connection and you can learn to trade and really can be on your way to earning a great living and perhaps very much more.

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