Automated Trading Systems

 Automated emini trading systems and training packages

(fully automated algorithmic & mechanical trading systems for trading Emini contracts )

Available now - a real money  portfolio of 4 automated  trading systems that produce these results !

Emini trading system portfolio
    • 1-2-1 training course that includes two fully automatic Emini index trading systems with 15 year historical trade by trade performance histories. 
    • Comprehensive system development manual that teaches you step by step how to develop additional systems using the concepts taught and system blueprints supplied
    • Systems are fully disclosed and can therfore be modified and used on other markets if you wished
    • Have simple rules that could literally be written on the back of a post-it note

    Our fully automated Emini trading systems do not need to be watched constantly throughout the day. Once enabled they will monitor the markets for you and place all the trades automatically . These systems can be running in one location and remotely controlled and monitored from another. You do not need to be glued to the screens 8 hours per day or indeed at all.

    All of our Emini trading systems use simple easily understood rules and and very few parameters. They are robust and work across a wide range of parameter values. We do not use multiple filters and do not use complex or multiple stops, trails and floors. These are excellent quality simple reliable systems that are easy to understand, apply and even modify to operate across different instruments and time frames.

    simply a completely different level of knowledge, trading experience and quality of tuition than I have ever experienced on any other course.... orders of magnitude better..... the systems know your stuff....a true professional trader....and I am up $32,000

    Andre Alison 
    Paris, France 12/03/15

    4 great systems that actually work ! up $58,000 since starting with them - after 11 years of fruitless searching.

    David Armstrong 
    London 14/11/15
    Algorithmic trading systems

    Trade like the hedge funds and institutions really trade

    Over 90% of institutional money is now traded using automated algorithmic or mechanical trading systems.

    Once installed they can run unattended 24 hours per day and will monitor markets and enter and exit trades automatically.

    Because the systems use mathematical formulas they can be tested to provide historical evidence of satisfactory performance over statistically valid numbers of trades and lengths of time.

    All Emini trading systems sold come with at least a 10 year historical trade by trade record of results. 

    Trade multiple systems over multiple time frames using evidence based methods

    Automated Emini trading systems enable us to simultaneously trade multiple markets and trade them over shorter time frames than would be possible manually. This allows us to trade more frequently which has a dramatic effect on how fast we can compound up our trading account.

    All performance metrics can be quantified to precise values so expected monthly profits, average Dollars per trade , maximum drawdown, win/loss ratio and risk/reward ratio etc will all be known absolutes prior to commencing to trade. Future results can then be monitored against this baseline performance.

    Automated trading systems can scale in and out of positions very quickly and move stops and profit targets every few seconds to cut losses and lock in and maximise profits.

    Mechanical trading systems

    Automated trading systems

    Smooth the results streams & improve performance metrics

    Increased frequency of trade produces smoother equity curves which are more comfortable to trade.

    Combining systems that trade across different instruments and time frames improves portfolio diversification, further smooths the equity curve and enhances MAR, Calmar and similar ratios.

    All of the graphs to this point show results without compounding ie trading just a a single emini contract throughout the period.

    To see the dramatic effect on results when the aggressive position sizing techniques taught on both courses are applied - see below.

    Aggressive position sizing increases profits by orders of magnitude

    Smooth equity curves then allow us to use very much more aggressive position sizing formulas which dramatically improve the speed with which we can grow our trading account. The four system portfolio results shown at the top of this page now rocket nearly 15 fold when using our position sizing methods.

    The Day trading systems that we specialise in are ideal for applying these very aggressive position sizing methods. Such methods really can transform your results by orders of magnitude over even surprisingly short periods of time.

    Emini algorithmic system with position sizing

    System Development manual contents include

    • Automated trading basics – which platforms to use, which instruments are easiest to trade, what timeframes to concentrate on, contract specs etc.
    • Full system explanations -  The logic, rules, explanations and open code for each of the fully automated trading systems supplied with the training course. The logic for each of these systems could literally be written on the back of a post-it note so they are simplicity itself to understand and  trade.
    • The most profitable day trading methodology ever - Full background, history, explanations, examples and performance figures for probably the single most successful day trading method ever used in the markets. A methodology that has probably made more people more money, faster than any other concept.​
    • Winning trading approaches -I identify for you three additional trading concepts that have each made hundreds of millions of Dollars in profits for their users. These are the methods we should all concentrate on in the future. Over 80% of my trading systems are based on these 3 very simple trading concepts. Once you know what these are you will know, and be able to prove, exactly what DOES work in trading and where to concentrate your future efforts.
    • System development in detail - Step by step blueprint instructions showing you how to modify and develop your own automated evidence based trading systems. The eight most important steps to successfully developing and multiplying trading systems. Includes where to source ideas from, screening procedures, testing procedures, important metrics to monitor and other critical confidential development stages.
    • Improving systems performance stage 1 – standardised proven procedures and protocols to smooth system results and significantly improve major performance metrics.
    • Improving systems performance stage 2 – bringing in the big guns – how do the institutions obtain such smooth results and often easily improve initial performance results by orders of magnitude. How we can duplicate  these methods in our own home based trading trading business.
    • Real money trading considerations - Important money management considerations and calculations, a choice of high performance  position sizing methods, when to start trading, when to stop trading, capital allocations, real time performance monitoring.
    • Very aggressive professional trading methods -  that you will not find on any other course, These super aggressive methods can literally turn $5,000 into $50,000 in just a matter of weeks. You cannot us them all the time but BOY when the time is right, and I explain when that is, they really can transform your finances in just weeks.​
    • Plus much else besides - this course could literally save you a decade of wasted and often misdirected efforts.
    • Previous course attendees are given first refusal on the restricted releases of additional high performance day trading systems.

    It took me ten years of trial and error and struggle to learn this information and probably well over $150,000 in trading losses as well !
    You can attend the course, talk to me, read the manual and it will have taken you just a few days to acquire just as much knowledge for a fraction of that cost.
    You will also have two fully working, quality proven automated evidence based trading systems, each of which you could pay the course fee for alone plus three months telephone, email or Skype post course support.

    John HarrisBirmingham - 12/06/16

    High quality & wide ranging system development manual - never expected something of that quality  on top of the systems - many thanks

    James DonaldsonExmouth - 05/09/16

    Thank you Nigel for a very enlightening and thought provoking day. I  enjoyed our 1-2-1 and must congratulate you on how well the information was presented. Fantastic

    Ron OliverColchester - 17/01/12

    The course was very impressive and I would have no hesitation in recommending it

    George LaneGrantham - 28/03/10

    I have found the manual very clear and easy to understand, and all of my questions on the day were answered. I left having understood the information that had been taught to me 

    The Emini trading systems systems shown above are the actual systems used to make the tens of thousands of Dollars in profits shown on our real money Brokers trading statements that are enclosed with each information pack – this stuff works !

    Free Information pack

    David AllenScotland - 24/11/15

    The mechanical systems alone or the training manual or  1-2-1  alone are worth more than the course fee - All three together is a gift 

    Christopher WilliamsHouston, USA - 15/03/16

    Superb training and by far the best day trading  course I have been on including the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx $15,000 course I took in the USA last year.... unbelievably low price even including my  flights and other costs....... you                     should  be charging more.

    Pat RogersIreland - 15/08/16

    Delighted with the systems - could not have simpler entries ... no complications just what I wanted... manual is first class and must have taken a lot of work to put  together....please let me know the moment you have                          any more systems for sale

    Simon ValeLondon - 14/011/15

    Thanks you for the time spent with me - it is extremely rare to find a decent, honest person these day. 

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